Business - online presence

It may, perhaps, come as a surprise, but there are still a great many businesses that have not yet entered the digital age, especially in terms of their marketing strategy. It is still very possible, simply by looking through a phone directory, to find a great many companies that don’t have a website or an email address. These businesses tend to be small to medium sized businesses whose reputation has been passed by word of mouth over a period of time.

Talking to the owners of these businesses, many feel that they simply do not need a website or the ability to sell their goods or services online. Whilst they will undoubtedly survive for a while like this, as a medium and long term strategy, it is nothing short of disastrous.

Although there are people who refuse to go online, the reality is that the vast majority are. Even if they do not have access to the internet at home, they nearly certainly will at work. This number can only continue to grow as the next generation comes through. This generation especially, is far less likely to rely on friends or telephone directories to find the business that they are looking for. They will look for reviews and recommendations online before buying.

It is still possible even to find websites that say something along the lines of ‘To purchase our products, telephone ….’. The reality is that a tiny minority only will pick up a telephone to talk to someone. At the very least, an email address is essential, but a full blooded online e-commerce shop is far preferable.

Some people do still worry about using their credit card online, and whilst it is right to be as safe as you can be, when using it, a huge majority have no qualms in doing so; as online giants like Amazon and Play.com will testify.

 Another advantage of having an online presence is that if your stock regularly changes; this can be reflected straight away on the website. Special offers also, will hit the audience immediately, without the need to put yet another advertisement in the newspaper or magazine.

Of course, it is important to get a website that works and is attractive. As your website will be your window to the world, it makes sense to make it the type of site that people will want to look around.

So, in this day and age, when people are no longer even restricted to a computer on their desk, but can walk around with hand held devices that access the internet as efficiently as a computer, it really doesn’t make sense to miss out on the huge potential market that is out there.

Often, expense is often given as a reason not to have an online presence, but apart from the initial set up cost, it is relatively inexpensive and will certainly greatly outweigh the amount of lost revenue that you will suffer without it.