Tips for small businesses

The number one consideration of any small business is its product or list of products being marketed by the company. It is important that they are in demand and affordable for a large part of the population. There is a second consideration that is on the same plane with the product(s) and that is, the customer. A business can have a wonderfully superb product and yet have no customers. Besides the proverbial ‘word of mouth’ being a crucial means of getting and keeping customers, it is vital to advertise, or ‘get the word out’ about the business brand and product(s) in as many ways as possible.

  • ‘Word of mouth’ advertising is great, but slow. The most affordable means of advertising is by way of a website. There are so many advantages to having a website, especially as the holiday season approaches.
  • If the business already has a customer base, the website is the perfect way for customers to stay in touch with the company. In turn, it is vital for the business to stay in touch with its customers this way. Email advertising with a link to the site is the perfect and most affordable way to do this.
  • Products can be seen on the website and give people an idea of new products, while reminding them of the ‘tried and true’ ones as well. Decisions can be made by the customer prior to entering the reality store.
  • Orders can be taken, processed and sent from a website. This creates as ease of shopping that many people have come to enjoy. Many people do most of their shopping online. In these instances, if the business owner does not have a site, then they will not get the business of those particular people.
  • Credit cards and depositories are both offered when promoting a website. Taking credit cards is a great way to increase business.
  • Important reminders for ‘sale’ dates can be sent by email and products can be spotlighted or highlighted on the site. Sales that only last several hours or one day can be done frequently.
  • No matter where the sale is made, whether at a store location or on the site itself, email is an important way to acknowledge a customer’s order. It is an especially good way to say ‘thank you.’
  • A website is a creative and fun way to promote a business.
  • The online site lends credibility and gives a sense of stability to any business.

In today’s world, having an online presence is vital if a business is going to be competitive in the world and remain that way. People want to be able to see what a business has and do price comparisons. In addition to servicing local customers, the business can look for new and creative ways to do global marketing. It is especially important for any business to have a website during any holiday season.